Rising fuel prices

Paradoxically, the biggest of the big countries of black gold miners, gasoline prices are increasing almost daily. Drivers do not admire this fact, but since there are no alternative options have to give blood for the "life-giving" liquid. At the gas station pretty well known brand, not reaching

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Diesel fuel or benzin.Osobennosti modern

The modern diesel car on the dynamics and low noise level is almost no way inferior to their gasoline counterparts. Compulsory service of diesel and practically does not differ from the service vehicle with a gasoline engine. And yet there are some differences that can not be ignored.
One major problem is the owners of diesel vehicles starting in the cold winter season. Sam and diesel saloon car warmed up much more slowly because of the low, compared with gasoline engines, the temperature of the diesel. This deficiency in modern diesel cars manufacturers eliminated by installing additional heaters. Now, the low temperature for a diesel is not a source of problems. If you have problems with the launch of a diesel engine, it is not himself, but rather low-quality fuels,

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Some facts about diesel

Perhaps it is the "battered" car theme. Many people want to buy a car with a diesel engine, however, who does not take into account the operating conditions of a foreign diesel in our country. You see for example Japanese, or well-treated domestic solarium? Good diesel transparent!

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