Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel, which you can buy in our company, is used in diesel engines and gas turbine engines, high power, designed for high speed. Diesel fuel has been used successfully in the automotive, rail, water transport, as well as in diesel engines, installed on industrial and energy companies.
The most important parameters of our diesel fuel are the following:
-the possibility of compressing the fuel before injection of 18 units. This helps users save up to 30 percent of the fuel;
high-cetane number - an important criterion of efficiency and economy of fuel;
-High performance at low temperatures;
-Diesel fuel has a high level of treatment, thereby increasing the life of diesel engines;
the viscosity of the corresponding standards. A guarantee of good pumpability of the fuel system of diesel engines;
-content of fractions, which guarantees low smoke and toxic gases in the exhaust;
-compliance with the requirements of GOST.