Information about fuel

The business concept of our company is based on two main pillars: a maximum range of petroleum products for consumers, and the high quality of all fuels (diesel, gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil and bitumen), which was proved by means of certification and independent research. Today the company sells high-quality product following varieties:

Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel, which you can buy in our company, is used in diesel engines and gas turbine engines, high power, designed for high speed. Diesel fuel has been used successfully in the automotive, rail, water transport, as well as in diesel engines, installed on industrial and energy companies.

The most important parameters of our diesel fuel are the following:

-The possibility of compressing the fuel before injection of 18 units. This helps users save up to 30 percent of the fuel;

High-cetane number - an important criterion of efficiency and economy of fuel;

-High performance at low temperatures;

-Diesel fuel has a high level of treatment, thereby increasing the life of diesel engines;

The viscosity of the corresponding standards. A guarantee of good pumpability of the fuel system of diesel engines;

-Content of fractions, which guarantees low smoke and toxic gases in the exhaust;

-Compliance with the requirements of GOST.


Our company offers gasoline of various grades: A-76, AI-80 EC, 92 EC-Au, Au-95 EC. The quality of the delivered fuel is proof of our reliability, a responsible attitude and a positive reputation in the market. We work only with reliable suppliers, continuously monitor the composition of petroleum products dispensed, and therefore provide a high quality of gasoline. Gasoline, which you can buy from us, has the following parameters:

A perfect match-marked in the documentation octane number;

No-knock in the application;

-An indispensable presence of additives that reduce the detonation;

-Reduced levels of toxic components - lead and sulfur;

Correspondence of gasoline with high octane standards. adopted in Europe.

If you buy gasoline in our company, we are providing long-lasting flawless performance of their equipment.


Kerosene, which is offered by our company are widely used as an additive to various types of fuel and energy source in high-temperature industrial processes in everyday life (for filling kerosene lamps and stoves) as a solvent and also as a feedstock for cyclic operations at plants refining. We supply kerosene, absolutely conforming to Standard, which has high levels of density and purity.